What is Call Tracking and Why Should Your Business Care?

What is Call Tracking and Why Should Your Business Care?

Marketing campaigns are crucial for every business. You've got a steady email marketing campaign, and your social media campaign is going strong, but there's an old practice that most businesses are ignoring. Call tracking.  

Digital analytics, organic page views, call to action buttons, it seems like the internet has everything covered. However, call tracking software is the system you need to push your inbound marketing efforts to the next level. An astounding 65 percent of businesses consider phone calls their highest quality lead source.  


What is Call Tracking? 

Call tracking allows businesses to track inbound call information. It can also record conversations and data on incoming calls. 43 percent of all search-related conversations happen over the phone. By tracking a phone call, you are tracking the buyer's journey.  



What Can Call Tracking Do? 


 With call tracking the business can determine where the call is coming from, and the reason. For example, a customer has a leak in their faucet and is in need of a plumber. They do a google search of "plumbing companies in...," and their local practice appears. The company's phone number is listed and the interested customer calls. That's great! However, how can the company track the buyer's information for ROI? The interested client did not click on the link; thus, the plumber may believe his AdWords campaign isn't needed. Luckily, with phone tracking the plumber, or any small business, is able to determine where the customer was when they called and how they came across their business.  



Running a business, hiring employees, keeping everything running smoothly, being an employer can be exhausting. Most businesses have a customer service line of some sort. Whether it be an actual position or the role of an assistant manager, the customer stills needs to be tended to. It's impossible to answer every incoming phone call, and you don't have to. Take care of the business, and let the software handle the rest. With many phone tracking systems, calls are recorded between conversations. Meaning your employee's exchanges with clients over the phone is recorded and filed so you can reference the call and generate a better quality of leads. 

Tracking business calls also allow you to monitor how many phone calls are missed throughout the day. Every missed call is a missed opportunity to track a possible client.




Call tracking allows a business to determine which marketing campaigns/strategies are working online and offline using:  


  • ROI Tracking 
  • Quick Decision Making 
  • Call Recording 
  • SEO Refinement 
  • Connecting Calls to Keyword Searches 
  • Determining Popular Calling Hours 
  • Using Real-Time Call Data 
  • Determining Business Growth Opportunities  


The details gathered allows them to improve/change what isn't getting their desired results.  



Save Money 

Knowing why a client calls is important for ad campaigns, and budgeting. Call tracking can help your small business save money by determining if your phone calls are a result of social media campaigns, newspaper ads, or organic site searches. By determining the purpose of the call your company could possibly drop its newspaper ad if its social media ad campaign is generating the most leads.  



Let IgntitedLocal Handle Your Calls 

Tracking phone calls can be a difficult thing to understand without the proper phone tracking system in place. Our system tracks which number is calling, and records the conversation so you can reference the quality of the lead and call response when it's convenient for you. Call IgnitedLocal today, and let us equip you with the inbound marketing tools you need.