Top 9 Ways to Encourage Engagement With your Website

Top 9 Ways to Encourage Engagement With your Website

Having a website is all well and good but actually eliciting engagement is another thing entirely. Your company’s website should be focused on building a customer base and a brand. The more user engagement you have, the better your sales will be. Think of your website as a method of interacting with people, not just a billboard. With technology becoming ever more omnipresent, it is a good idea to embrace the role of the internet. Even if your business is located in the real world, your online presence will prove to be an asset.

We created a list of the top 9 ways to encourage customer participation. Utilizing all these methods will help grow your business and increase your client base.

  • Always get Email Addresses. Having views by themselves is awesome. But, if you have no way of gathering the user’s information, your website is nothing more than a digital billboard. The Email ask is one of the most important uses your website has. The most common and successful method of collecting Emails is to combine the form with your “contact us” tab. When people have a question for you or want to know more, giving them an easy outlet to do so will give you their contact information. Once you have Emails, you can then begin targeting individuals with coordinated campaigns.  

  • Geotag Social Media Posts. When creating engaging material and updating your social media, Geotag your location. This is a great way to show where your business is located without being overly obvious. Every picture you take an update made will build credibility within the local community. It even allows other people to tag your location, perfect for building a local presence. Having other people advertise for you is never a bad thing.

  • Have user reviews. After a job well done, a happy customer is your greatest salesperson. If you build a user review section on your website, it will encourage satisfied clients to post. With real people commenting and growing your site, other people will be more likely to use your service. It is all about building trust. Facilitating a discussion about how awesome your company performs is a great way to bring in the business.

  • Tag Individual Customers (with their permission of course). After a successful transaction with an individual, it’s always nice to continue the conversation. Relying on everyone to leave a review is not an ideal proposition, most people are simply too busy.  Taking matters into your own hands and posting it yourself is the simplest and most effective method for showing off an endorsement. Take a picture with them, and post a quick blurb about why they are satisfied. Tag their social media account and begin building a web of connectivity across the web.

  • Coupons. What consumer doesn’t love coupons? Offering small discounts or specials on your website will help increase traffic and email collections. If there are exclusive deals online, people are likely to give you their information.

  • Get involved in a local event. There is no better exposure than some person to person mingling. Showing up to a street fair or a local sporting event will do wonders for your outreach efforts. Feel free to hand out business cards with your website on them. Or better yet, use a tablet to sign people up for your email list while you are talking to them.

  • Advertise your website. This may sound obvious but many business owners never spend the money on advertising. This topic is a whole article in itself but it is extremely important to carry out.

  • Fresh content. Keeping your website up to date with new and exciting information is not always easy. It can seem tedious to always have a new blog post but it is the best way to keep your viewer base engaged. People will stop visiting your site if they feel there is nothing of value on it.

  • Make it part of your business. Think of your website as another opportunity to make a sale. Don’t let it only be a fun page to look at, give it some utility. Allow customers to buy your items directly from it. Make it easy to schedule an appointment or set up a time to meet you in person. The more your website is used as an instrumental part of your business, the more people will interact with it.

That is our 9 recommendations to keep people engaged with your website. The job of networking and building a user base is never complete. This is not a one and done solution but a process that should be part of your overall business strategy. It’s best not to cut corners and invest the time and energy needed to make lifelong customers. Do not hesitate to contact IgnitedLocal to find out how we can help your online presence grow and keep your user base engaged.

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