Successful Local Businesses Incorporate User Experience

Successful Local Businesses Incorporate User Experience

The term "user experience" likes to get thrown around, especially in the tech world. It refers to the ability of a consumer to interact with the digital aspect of a business, usually in reference to a website or app. This philosophy is extremely apparent in popular applications, Snapchat being a great example of cutting-edge software.  

I mean, that facial recognition software? Absolute game changer.  

Local businesses tend to lag in user experience when it comes to websites. This shouldn't be the case, if anything, local businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of the newest technology. With such a specialized market, making your company stand out with modern technology can lead to a direct increase in sales.   

UX Inside a Local Market 

Although the majority of purchasing and travel takes place on a local level, most people equate positive online experiences with national brands. National brands go to great lengths to ensure positive experiences, even children can recognize some of the largest.  Giant corporations are spending millions of dollars a year on national campaigns and user experience because it works.  

As a local business, creating a brand and an easy to interact with digital presence can work wonders for name recognition.  Depending on your business, there is a good chance your average customer actually buys more from you than a large national brand. Use that to your advantage with a top-notch website. 

Make it Easy for Customers to Interact With Your Store  

Even if your company is based on a service, having an online store is a good idea. There is no better way to show off your products in a way that allows for user interaction. However, simply having an online store is one thing. Ensuring a positive UX (user experience) is imperative to making sales. 

Using a professional team to help build your website can prove to be a worthwhile investment. Think about the competition you have. What do their websites look like?  

And how about those larger corporate stores? Their online experience tends to be more polished than most local places. With today's technological advancements, just because you are a local business does not mean you can't have a great website.  


Local Traffic 

Appearing on the front page of Google is a great aspiration to have. But even if you have the placement, will your website convert? 

More views and traffic should correlate into sales but this is not always the case. Having a confusing website that detracts from the user experience can make many people leave just as quickly as they came.  This phenomenon is known as the bounce rate. If people are only viewing your home page and then leaving without further exploring your website, it could have to do with your user experience. 

If you only have one page of information, then having a high bounce rate is perfectly acceptable. But if you have an online store and a blog, lowering your bounce rate and encouraging greater interaction is in your best interest.  

Local traffic is your bread and butter, build a website or app, that is fun to use.  

Design and Content 

Creating a visually appealing website, that is easy to navigate, and features valuable content is the magic formula to achieving a successful web presence.  

Visuals. Using high-quality images is a good way to hold the reader's attention. Fun and friendly fonts are another way to gain a user's trust and keep them on your site longer.  

Videos. There is no better tool that will keep a viewer engaged for long periods of time than a fun to watch video. Embedding videos onto your website is a smart method for holding a reader's attention.  

Website Layout. If your website is laid out in an easy to navigate way, it makes visitors more likely to continue interacting. Make all your pages connect with each other and incorporate menus. Having all your information in easy reach promises a happy customer.  


Keep Your Local Business Growing 

Perfecting your online business with a smart and attractive user experience is a great idea. IgnitedLocal offers a professional service that ensures your internet profile attracts the views you deserve. Contact us today.  



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