Digital Marketing Trends To Jump On

Digital Marketing Trends To Jump On

Every business and organization today has to find ways to keep up with the ever-expanding and constantly-changing trends in the digital world. To miss one change is to miss out on a bounty of opportunity. There are several important trends will define the marketing framework of multiple organizations, and by taking advantage of these trends now, you’ll ensure success and longevity for any business you apply them to.

Three Organizational Trends For Digital Marketing Frameworks

  • Leadership on Demand - Leadership will change hands from marketers and become more project-based to those who obtain a specific set of skills. The classic-management structure is falling away; universal leadership will continue to fade, as we are already seeing in marketing organizations that are more progressive.
  • The Marketing FlexiForce - There is no doubt that the future will be run by young professionals, but this especially holds true in fast-changing markets like India. Flexible schedules and freedom weigh high on the list over fixed pay and formula-following. Having remote digital talent allows for flexibility, a speed of innovation, and resourceful delivery, meeting customer demands 24/7 around the world.
  • Automated Marketing - Automation in marketing platforms and programmatic deliveries can eliminate human errors and timeline limits. Organizations around the world are discovering new ways of building strong automation for production and logistics, which supports the need for speed in their marketing teams. As all departments learn to rely on each other to become stronger from the inside out, automated co-marketing will increase KPIs across the board.

Three Trends In Digital Marketing and Brand-Customer Equation

  • More Video on Demand (VoD) – YouTube reports over one billion hours of video consumption daily, while Facebook reports over 8 billion videos viewed and created by users. The newest wave of video content will be more relevant than ever with highly customizable content that viewers will love to share based on the ability to cross language and literacy barriers to touch people across many cultures from a level of basic human connection.
  • Voice And Visual Search And Social Media Tools – Now that everyone knows how to text and type with speed and accuracy, it has become blasé. Smart marketers will create voice-based interactive modules to engage users who don’t feel like typing or those in lower markets who have issues with literacy. Image search, together with voice search, will ease the tedious task of type search, while the power of Google Lens and its potential can create multiple opportunities.
  • Interactive Video Group Chats - Still in the earliest stages, this trend will enhance platforms that are currently text restrictive. Both voice and video will continue to grow in searching and social media usage, making video groups a natural extension to bring people together, creating influencer groups. Marketers would be wise to create data access points into these group chats and leverage conversations to their advantage.

The Importance Of Customer Influence

Customer influence is quickly becoming the most important advantage, or disadvantage, of any business. People look to the words written by an average consumer in an online review before they make a final purchase in many scenarios. Customer influencers are ushering in a new era of credibility and authenticity, so managing customer relations is an absolute goal that all organizations should place high on their agenda.

As marketing teams look to the future, this year and beyond, they will need to find ways to invest wisely. Use the newest digital trends to your advantage, and you’ll see the results. For more ways to jump on the digital bandwagon, contact to help you discover just what you need to stay there.