Building Product Enthusiasm Through Digital Marketing

Building Product Enthusiasm Through Digital Marketing

By now you’re well aware that timing is everything when it comes to startups and business. Many business owners live by the idea that they can’t begin to create a marketing plan until the product is ready to go. This is far from the truth. The earlier you begin your marketing, the better chance of success you’ll have at the product launch. 

Get Social Before You Start

While it might be true that you can’t run user acquisition campaigns until you have a product people can download, that doesn’t mean you can't build interest, do research, and begin to sharpen your messaging. Build enthusiasm before you have a product. If you wait until the product is ready, you’re already one step behind.

Social media is a powerful tool and a dynamic place to begin. Using this tool to its full potential means coming up with your best strategies before the first “like” can occur. Ask yourself the following questions early on:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What platforms should you be using?
  • How can you use the platforms to their full potential?

Once you have the answers, go into to each platform you plan to use and set up your accounts. Get your cover image uploaded, work on graphics, construct your bio, and start following people and making connections.  You don’t need to share product updates before you have a product, but you can slowly build the foundation of a successful future brand.

Target Your Audience And Hype It Up

By now you already know who your target audience is, so it’s time you get to know them. All relationships begin with a bit of mystery until both parties have a chance to find out about each other. Business relationships are no different. Find out what their needs are and how to meet those needs, and discover their likes and dislikes in terms of product and communication.  You can’t build a product to target a specific audience when you have no idea what that audience is all about.

Though you might not want to give too much information about the product before it's ready, that doesn't mean you shouldn’t build interest. Let people know that something big is about to happen by tapping into your network and building hype. You might even consider a sneak preview of the product to get some objective feedback. Those who hear about your product in early phases can help you build it up by spreading the word and supporting you at the launch.

Beta Testing And Press Engagement

Before you launch a product, it’s imperative that you let people test early versions before you release it to a wide audience. Beta testing is invaluable and allows you to produce a product that people will be dying to get their hands on based on the updates you make at the suggestions of tester feedback.

And though you might not choose members of the press to demo to, getting journalist intrigue is always a good idea. Share some elements early on to get the press interested in what you are building even before you’re ready for coverage. Be responsible with what you share, but don’t let fear hold you back from taking advantage of this resource.  

Starting those marketing activities before you have a product ready for the market is a great way to build your success.  Though any marketing strategy can be scary, a little pre-planning can go a long way toward easing those fears. For additional questions about product launches, social media marketing, or online solutions, contact today.